Clint Bowyer Hands ‘Race Betting’ Hater a Brutal Taste of His Own Medicine; NASCAR Fans in Splits

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Clint Bowyer Hands ‘Race Betting’ Hater a Brutal Taste of His Own Medicine; NASCAR Fans in Splits

In the US, a bunch of states have given the thumbs up to betting on NASCAR, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s on board with it. Now, even though it’s totally legal, recently a fan gave Clint Bowyer a hard time over a tweet. Clint Bowyer was just promoting betting on NASCAR races with Fuelduel, something the drivers often do because of sponsorship deals, but when a fan reacted negatively on the same, Bowyer wasn’t having any of it and clapped back good.

NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer’s fan has some advice for him

For those looking to place a few bucks on the races, there’s no shortage of sportsbooks to do it—think DraftKings, Caesars, FanDuel, BetMGM, BetRivers, and the list goes on. Come 2024, even NASCAR went ahead and shook hands on a deal with DraftKings, specifically for the folks in North Carolina. But that wasn’t their first rodeo. Back in August 2023, they teamed up with FanDuel, and around the same time, they got into a deal with Sportradar too.

However, a lot of folks reckon that pushing betting isn’t exactly the high road, especially with kids tuning in and looking up to these NASCAR stars. So, when Clint Bowyer dropped a post cheering on betting with FanDuel, saying, “It’s Bristol baby! North Carolina!!!!! FINALLY you can bet on racing. I got an exclusive boost JUST for you on FanDuel. I feel good about it and I think you can to. Let’s GO!!!! Get them picks in now! @fdsportsbook,” it rubbed a fan the wrong way. The fan felt it wasn’t cool for NASCAR populars like Bowyer to be all in on the gambling game.

He shot back, “Clint I like you man, u seem like a genuine dude… Pushing gambling into the masses is no bueno dude… Does no one have integrity to push back against this scourge?” But Clint Bowyer isn’t one to just walk away from a spat. He hit back, zinging the critic with a nod to his profile pic of Mat Cauthon throwing dice, from “The Wheel of Time” series—calling out the irony without missing a beat.

The reply even got the attention of other X users who couldn’t help but laugh at the sharp retort.

Fans are all in on Bowyer’s clap back

Fans really got behind Clint Bowyer after he didn’t hold back in responding to a critic knocking him for pushing NASCAR bets. Once they got a peek at the troll’s profile pic, they couldn’t help but flood the comments with support for Bowyer. One fan was all about cheering for Clint, going, “EVERYONE BET ALL-IN ON CLINT TODAY!!!! Man is OWNING X” while another one said, “Get em Clint.”

Someone even suggested that NASCAR should up their betting game, writing, “I think Fox/NASCAR/NBC need to push gambling more ����”.

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Clint’s Bowyer racked up some major props in the comments, with fans saying stuff like, “Clint, you are Final Boss level. =),” “Oh my goodness you can’t make it up hahaha .. his avatar is throwing dice hahahaha”, “Ha! He didn’t think about that one,” and “Clint owning omg.”

So, what’s your take on placing bets online for NASCAR races?