By HRI Foreign Staff — The amount of betting types found on the internet is surprising, allowing access to betting portals to play simple and elaborate sports. Accessing betting portals will enable us to find soccer or baseball matches, usually the most followed and even esports team confrontations.

But horse racing is one of the oldest types of betting that’s still attractive.

Although betting on this type of race usually attracts attention, the truth is that you need good access to insider info as well as a good command of several concepts. But if you’re a novice and want to enter this world, you must receive certain recommendations to make your stay much lighter while you adapt.

This article will give you some concepts to follow before you get into this kind of fun so you can start with a solid step.

photos by Matthew Schwartz

Although betting is simple, we must understand that not all races are similar. Therefore, we must master basic information to have more certainty when betting.

The first thing we must take into account is the type of races that exist, being the most frequent the ones we will mention below:

  • Flat: A spartan race where riders and horses run on a track without obstacles or inclines. The type of race is run on grass or sand to improve traction and allow the horses to reach maximum speed.
  • Jump Racing: As its name implies, this race involves jumps and obstacles. They can be fences, bumpers or steeplechases.
  • Sulky: In this type of racing, the jockey (rider) does not ride the horse, limiting himself to riding in a cart that the animal drags at a gallop or trot. This modality can even be completed in snow.

Although there are many types of bets to choose from, the truth is that they can be summed up in two simple types: the so-called single bets and the combination bets. The simple bets involve the selection of a single result: we can bet on the winner, that the horse will come first or second or even that it will be among the first three places.

On the other hand, the combined bets involve a higher risk for a bigger prize. Two predictions must be chosen in these bets and both must be correct to be cashed.

Among this type of bet, there are modalities such as guessing the first two places, choosing the horses that will form the podium, choosing the horses that will be between first and second regardless of the place, etc.

Although the combined bets are the most attractive because of their prizes, we must consider that there are many variables and more experience is needed to determine the results. That is why it’s advisable to start with simple bets to adapt.

While there’s no sure way to pick a winner, many bettors take the following tips to help them choose their betting tips:

  • Horse’s performance in past races
  • Odds when betting
  • Behavior of the horse before the event
  • Reputation of the trainer

The truth is that although these are the most taken into account, as you get deeper into this hobby, you will be able to make better decisions.