New Poll Shows Missourians Support Sports Betting Legalization

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New Poll Shows Missourians Support Sports Betting Legalization

Missourians support sports betting legalization to fund public education, according to the results of a recently released study.

According to a poll published last week by Saint Louis University and YouGov, 60% of respondents support legalized sports betting in Missouri, compared with just 25% of those surveyed who believe sports betting should remain illegal in the state.

The February poll surveyed 900 likely Missouri voters about their opinions regarding the 2024 election and issues facing the state and country.

Time is Right for Sports Betting

According to the poll results, 76% of young people between the age of 18 and 29 support Missouri sports betting legalization, compared with 45% of those aged 65 and older in the state.

The issue also has support across all major parties in Missouri, as 66% of democrats, 58% of republicans, and 56% of independents support sports betting legalization.

The Winning for Missouri Education campaign, which represents interests of the St. Louis Blues, Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, St. Louis CITY SC, and the Kansas City Current, noted that the recent poll results show the overwhelming support of Missouri voters for legalized sports betting.

“This most recent poll underscores that now is the time for Missouri to generate tens of millions in education funding each year by finally legalizing sports betting,” said Jack Cardetti, spokesman for the Winning for Missouri Education campaign, in a release. “Missourians want a legal, safe way to bet on sports, while also boosting our economy, and supporting Missouri students and teachers. Because of the popularity of this issue, our signature collection efforts are ahead of schedule, and we look forward to seeing this issue pass on the November ballot.”

The results of this poll are similar to those published in late January from the Kansas City Fox News affiliate, FOX4, and Emerson College. The poll surveyed 1,830 registered Missouri voters, which found that 62% of the respondents supported legalizing sports betting to help fund Missouri education.

The survey found that 69% of male voters and 57% of female voters would vote in favor of a ballot initiative to legalize Missouri sports betting.

Signature Collecting Process Underway

The Winning for Missouri Education campaign recently reported it surpassed 100,000 collected signatures to place a sports betting ballot initiative on the November general election ballot. The campaign needs to collect roughly 180,000 valid signatures to reserve a spot on the ballot.

The campaign is planning to submit more than 300,000 signatures to the Missouri Secretary of State by its May 5 deadline.

According to the initiative, each Missouri sports team and casino will be eligible to operate retail and online sports betting. Each sports team and casino would be eligible for one retail sports betting license through the bill. Additionally, each sports team and casino would be eligible for one online sports betting license. Each team and casino would be able to partner with one online sports betting operator.

Hopes for a sports betting bill to pass through the Missouri legislature have diminished year over year, reaching an all-time low in 2024. Bills have typically moved smoothly through the House over the last several years but have been blocked in the Senate.

Adding to the challenge, the Missouri Senate is mired in chaos this session which threatens to derail any slim chance a bill had at passing through the chamber this year.