Payton Talbott vs Cameron Saaiman Pick, 3/23/2024 Predictions UFC Vegas 89 Odds
Payton Talbott vs Cameron Saaiman Pick, 3/23/2024 Predictions UFC Vegas 89 Odds

Payton Talbott vs Cameron Saaiman

UFC Vegas 89

UFC Apex in Las Vegas

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Payton Talbott will enter the Octagon with Cameron Saaiman at UFC Vegas 89 on Saturday, March 23, 2024. The moneyline has Talbott coming in at -166 while Saaiman is coming in at +140.

Payton Talbott will be looking to add a victory to his career record of 7-0-0. The 25-year-old is weighing in at 135 lbs and measures 5'10". The switch fighter reaches 70". Cameron "MSP" Saaiman stands 5'8" and tips the scales at 135 lbs. The southpaw fighter looks to add a win to his record of 9-1-0. The 23-year-old reaches 67". With respect to significant strikes, Payton Talbott is connecting on 6.66 per minute and Cameron Saaiman is landing 5.28 significant strikes per minute. Talbott connects on 51% of the significant strikes he throws and Saaiman connects on 46%. In terms of defending themselves, Talbott takes 3.12 significant strikes per min and "MSP" absorbs 3.24. Talbott also deflects 51% of the significant strikes that are thrown his way and Saaiman prevents 55% of the shots thrown.

Regarding grappling, Payton Talbott is not as effective of a wrestler as he scores a takedown 0.50 times per 15 min. Talbott is scoring a takedown on 15% of his attempts and is defending 88% of the takedowns his opponents try. Saaiman is taking his opponents to the canvas on 36% of the takedowns he attempts and defending 44% of the tries against him. When it comes to submissions, Talbott is less likely to go for the finish by going for 0.6 finishes per 15 minutes while Saaiman goes for 0.8 finishes per 3 rounds.

The last time he stepped into the Octagon, Payton Talbott faced Nick Aguirre and took home the victory by way of rear naked choke in round 3. Aguirre landed 18 of 29 total strikes that he let go. Talbott finished this fight landing 58 of 90 total strikes. In the category of significant strikes, Aguirre ended up landing 5 of 12, which gave him a rate of 41%. He landed 4 of 11 significant strikes aimed at the head. On the other side of the cage, Talbott ended up landing 52% of his significant strikes by connecting on 28 of 53. Of all the significant strikes, he connected on 22 of 46 aimed at the head. 100% of the significant strikes connected on by Aguirre and 42% of them landed by Talbott were thrown at distance.

In the last fight for Cameron Saaiman, he battled Christian Rodriguez and walked away in defeat via unanimous decision in round 3. Rodriguez connected on 75% of the significant strikes he took from distance and Saaiman ended up landing 89% of his significant strikes at distance. Saaiman ended up landing 41% of his significant strikes attempted by landing 73 of 175. He ended up landing 38 of 121 significant strikes aimed at the head. Rodriguez connected on 83 of 161 significant strikes in that fight. In terms of accuracy for the significant strikes, he landed 64 of 141 aimed at the head. When discussing the total strikes thrown in this fight, Rodriguez landed 92 of 173 and Saaiman connected on 87 of 192 of all the strikes he threw.

Other bouts to watch out for

Another bout that you're not going to want to miss is when Billy Quarantillo fights Youssef Zalal. Quarantillo will be looking to add a victory to his total of 18-5-0. The 35-year-old records a weight of 145 lbs and measures 5'10". The orthodox fighter has an arm span of 70". Zalal stands 5'10" and will fight at 145 lbs. The switch fighter comes into this bout with a mark of 13-5-1. The 27-year-old extends his reach 72". In terms of takedowns, Billy Quarantillo takes his opponents to the mat 1.31 times per 15 minutes while Youssef Zalal is averaging a takedown 2.14 times per 15 minutes. Regarding striking, Quarantillo connects for an average of 7.71 strikes per minute and is connecting on 57% of the strikes that he throws. Joining him in the Octagon is Youssef Zalal, who lands 48% of the strikes he attempts and connects on 2.75 per minute.

If you're into fun fights, you're going to want to see when Luis Pajuelo is set to enter the Octagon against Fernando Padilla. Padilla will be looking to add a win to his record of 15-5-0. The 27-year-old tips the scales at 145 lbs and stands in at 6'1". The orthodox fighter has a reach of 76". Pajuelo measures 5'10" and is fighting at 145 lbs. The orthodox fighter has a career record of 8-1-0. The 29-year-old has a reach of 69". In terms of grappling, Fernando Padilla prevents 85% of his opponents' takedown tries and is finishing his takedowns on 15% of the times he tries. Pajuelo is taking his opponents down on 15% of his attempts and is able to deflect 66% of all takedown attempts. In the matter of striking, Padilla is taking 5.81 strikes per min while he is connecting on 5.51 per minute. Pajuelo, at the same time, takes 5.11 strikes/min and is landing 9.15 per minute.

Who will win tonight's UFC match against the spread?

Josh Schonwald's Pick: Take Payton Talbott (-166)

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