Sports betting: NBA League Pass will offer wagers directly through streams

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Sports betting: NBA League Pass will offer wagers directly through streams

The NBA will be adding a new feature to its NBA League Pass offerings that will integrate sports betting into the viewing experience, thanks to its partnership with Sportradar.

The league is launching a new betting functionality to the NBA League Pass platform that will allow fans to place bets directly through game streams, working with NBA sportsbook partners DraftKings and FanDuel to do so, the NBA and Sportradar announced in a joint news release. The functionality will be available in states where sports betting is legal, offering bets such as point spreads, over-under point totals, and money lines.

Sportradar, which tracks and manages the league’s data, from statistical information that appears on television broadcasts to specific player data, is powering this technology through its emBET product, which was created to enhance viewer experience.

“emBET is an exciting innovation for NBA fans, making in-play betting more engaging and immersive,” Patrick Mostboeck, Sportradar Senior Vice President of Audiovisual, said in a news release. “Through our exclusive partnership with the NBA, we’re committed to develop next-generation, value-added products and services, like emBET, to drive fan and bettor engagement.”

Fans who opt-in to this product will be able to browse the bet offerings directly through the NBA League Pass app and online website. An embedded link through DraftKings or FanDuel will appear when the viewer is ready to place a bet.

“Integrating emBET is consistent with the NBA’s vision to create hyper-personalized and customized viewing experiences within NBA games,” said Scott Kaufman-Ross, NBA Executive Vice President of Media and Gaming. “Many of our fans engage with our game through sports betting, and with this opt-in experience, NBA fans receive an enriched experience with contextualized betting information to more deeply engage with the live game.”

This isn’t the first time Sportradar and the NBA have teamed up to create cutting-edge technology. Before the NBA season started, Sportradar demonstrated Synergy Sports, which collects data for scouting, coaching, and player development, for The Inquirer in a demo on its optical player tracking data.

The NBA and Sportradar have an ongoing partnership since 2016. Sportradar is the exclusive worldwide provider of NBA, WNBA, and NBA G League Data and the partnership will run through the 2030-31 season.